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Welcome to the Wilds, an expanse of untamed wilderness at the heart of a post-apocalyptic Earth. Within these lands dwell creatures that are nearly familiar, yet somehow changed. Without humans to interfere, evolution has run a drastically different course. There are monstrous forests and sweeping mountains, animals nearly as large calling these places home.

The world is dominated by winged beasts known as Ollphéan, bird-like beings with curious faces akin to animals the Earth's new residents have only ever seen images of.

18+ | Survival, Daily Life, Post-Apocalyptic | Original Species, Art, Writing


5 / 1 / 2022 »

First full day of workin' on this site; Neocities brainrot is real and I'm proof. Got the layout pretty much settled, everything in the Lore tab except for The Nuthole is up, weather link is working, FAQ is up, contact page (plus guestbook!) is done, and we even have a custom 404 page. (Slurps up that undeserved productivity dopamine like a fine soup. 🥣)

The Nuthole and Bird Resources pages are next, I think. Then Familiar Faces. ✨ It'll take a bit to get all the character portraits drawn.

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