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Ollphéan Wilds

The Wilds have four seasons, and each territory has its own weather. You can see the Current Weather at the google sheets link in the Explore tab.

Petalsong » Like our spring, Petalsong is when the weather starts to warm up and the Freyja Lily begins to bloom. Food is plentiful and love is in the air.

Solarbeat » This is similar to summer. It's a time for a lot of fun in the sun, but it's easy to overheat. Water is more precious than usual.

Forestveil » Leaves start to fall and, like autumn, the greenery turns brown. This is a good time for birds to gather up food and get ready for the cold weather ahead.

Cloudfall » Snow covers most of The Wilds and the Freyja Lily no longer blooms in most areas. Food is of the utmost importance, and most birds are digging up dried food, sleeping bugs, or hunting. It's the most dangerous season.

Tasty Creatures and Where to Find Them

Bugs » Insects can be found everywhere. They are the new world's main clean up crew. Due to the mass swarms, they are the most basic food resource and are easy to catch. Their only downside is just how many need to be consumed to amount to any nutritional value to larger birds.

Deer » Deer are located everywhere, but the giant deer are only located in the depths of The Hollows or sparsely throughout The Peaks. They can be tricky to hunt thanks to their speed and racks, but they offer a great source of protein for Masters and their harems.

Hares » Though they are small prey, hares are very fast and astute creatures. They are primarily found in The Meadow.

Canines » Once fierce creatures have been lowered to small, though still bothersome, pests. They often scavenge dead animals and are seen as a decent meal, if they are without their pack. Packs can be found scattered throughout The Wilds, inhabiting every territory besides The Reef.

Caribou » The largest of the surviving ungulates, caribou are found solely in The Peaks. They are some of the most dangerous creatures to hunt thanks to their size and racks.

Fish » Fish are found throughout The Reef, and are somewhat harmless. Schools of fish can be dangerous for smaller birds stuck far from land, but a healthy Ollphéan should survive their aggressive nibbling just fine.

Whales » No Ollphéan wants to run into these behemoths, as they could easily kill even the largest of Masters. They are found in the deeper waters of The Reef, but some have been known to wash up on land.

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