. Ollphéan Wilds
Ollphéan Wilds

The Beginning

Sometime in the late 3000s a combination of nuclear war and the subsequent rapid planetary changes resulted in a mass extinction. Around eighty percent of all known species were wiped out within the first two decades. Cities and wilds alike were leveled during the chaos, reducing habitats and driving the extinction numbers even higher. Resources became scarce, lands that were free of radiation and burning remains were few and far between, and deformities in the survivors became more and more prevalent. Arid deserts, freezing arctics, and small patches of dense, tangled jungles concentrated around the base of uninhabited mountain ranges became the only safe places to live. Thriving became incredibly difficult thanks to the sudden overcrowding of the still shrinking livable space.

The first thousand years after the initial disaster was a mad scramble for survival, all while climates changed, storms ripped through the wilds, and landmasses began to break apart and move.

The Rebirth

Thousands of years slowly brought about a new age. Radiation levels dropped off, forests began to regrow, and continents eventually settled into new formations. Landmasses were smaller, but close enough together that birds and aquatic animals could migrate between the new continents. Species started to adapt and rebuild their numbers.

Without humans around the plant population exploded, thick jungles flourishing. Despite remnants of old cities littering the reborn world, wildernesses had thoroughly begun to take over. Trees grew thicker and taller, reaching massive sizes, and some of the fauna began to grow to match. Birds above all prospered, being suited for a life among the gargantuan trees, and it wasn't long until a flock of mutated birds became the dominant species.

The Wilds

Shortly after securing their position as the dominant species, birds began to change drastically. They got longer, grew finger-like appendages, and adapted to survive in every possible environment. They got smarter. Some grew to massive sizes.

A new hierarchy formed, flock life being dictated by the big and the brutish. New languages, new cultures, new traditions, and new societies formed.

The birds gave themselves the name Ollphéan, and they deemed their home The Wilds.

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